Superfighters Deluxe

Superfighters Deluxe 1.2

2D action game with a fast-paced multiplayer gameplay

Fight to the death against other human players in 2D arenas with destructible elements. Play solo or in teams in matches of up to eight players and be the last person left standing to win.

Superfighters Deluxe is an action platformer in the style of the more popular Worms or Soldat games, in which the multiplayer is a key element. In this 2D action side-scroller there's no game story, lore, or campaign – you just start the game and join a match for pure, intense, multiplayer combat. You can quickly join the game or host one by yourself. Since I hadn't previously heard of this game and I hadn't expected many players to be online, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that there were plenty of servers available, populated with quite a lot of players, waiting for new people to join.

Many of these servers had distinct specifications, such as ones dedicated for melee-only combat. Though there was no tutorial to introduce me to the game, I quickly found my way around. The action was simple yet captivating and entertaining, basically resumed to controlling your character, moving it around, shooting, and eventually “killing or be killed”. I was playing the game for my first time and after 2 minutes I was already having fun.

The graphics of the game are not sophisticated, but there are a lot of maps and sufficient customization options to compensate. A neat map editor is also included, and the numerous weapons add to the complexity of the game.

I'm usually very reticent when it comes to such lesser-known games that I haven't heard of yet and that are not listed on Steam or on any other popular gaming platform, but Superfighters Deluxe managed to convince me. It's neat, cute, and really entertaining.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free to play
  • Includes a map editor
  • Customizable characters
  • Plenty of servers to join


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